Ways We Used to Play

Ways We Used to Play

“Ways We Used to Play” is a theme that was rather evident when we looked through the photographs. Our collection is in no way an exhaustive representation of this theme, but it acts as a guide and builds on the other ways and games we used to play, which seem to have gained more popularity in our quest for nostalgia.

Credits to Koh Leh Kheng Serene

Did you have a rocking horse made of rattan when you were young? I vaguely remember having had one, though I cannot be completely sure – That’s the problem with memories, isn’t it?

Still, it’s incredible how toys used to be so simple yet did an excellent job of entertaining the young and keeping them occupied. These days, rattan shops selling handmade furniture still exist and it is possible to find a rocking horse such as this in Singapore, but they just aren’t as popular as they used to be.

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Many of us would fondly remember the sandy playgrounds that once littered our neighbourhoods. This giant spinning wheel of iron was a common feature in the playgrounds back in the days.

It was removed from modern playgrounds as it was deemed to be a little too dangerous, and I must admit, it can, for lack of a better description, spin out of control, when you have one too many overly enthusiastic and energy-pumped kids playing at the same time. So while it is with bitter sweetness that we look back on this play feature, I imagine it was removed for the better!

Credits to Selina Selvarani

Yes, McDonald’s has been responsible for many children’s fond memories of playtime and birthday celebrations, and for fair reasons. This fast-food chain used to have allocated spaces for children to play, notably at King Albert Park and Kallang. The former branch no longer exists.

These days, it seems that McDonald’s no longer has play places within its eateries, and the almost legendary status of Ronald McDonald himself seem to be a rare sight too!

Do you know of any McDonald’s locations that still have play places with its mascot statue?

Credits to Lee Lim Mui Vivian

Credits to Fu Yabo

Credits to Koh Leh Kheng Serene

Yes, you’ve guessed it – Funfairs! This pirate boat was one of the fascinating rides at make-shift fairs that were set up in the neighbourhoods and shopping centres. We’re not quite sure of the period when these rides stopped becoming a feature in our environment, but they sure were adorable.

Have you taken a ride in one of these?

Credits to Chan Lee Shan

Still keeping to the nautical theme, this sure was one strange playground! Larger-than-life seashells, on land!
Does anyone know where this was, and why they were placed there?

Credits to Chan Lee Shan

Equally puzzling, though not quite as strange – We thought this might have been in Kallang, though we’ve been told it was in Sentosa. Either way, this pedal boat ride looks very stylish and safe. Just look at that contraption! It looks awesome isn’t it? It’s like a 1970’s version of a speed boat, albeit with the two silver torpedo at the bottom of the red seats. I wish these were still around and I wonder what happened to this ride!

Credits to Fu Yabo

Do you have other photographs of this theme that you’d like to share? Send us your photo and a short description at [email protected] so that we can share them with everyone.

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  1. Trish 8 years ago

    The playground with nautical theme was at Parkway Parade. Guess it’s to tie in with Marine Parade being near the sea.

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