About Singapore Snaps

It’s hard to remember a time without the Phone Camera and Digital SLR. We have so many digital photos at our fingertips that we forget all the old printed photos we still have at home, stuffed in drawers and slowly fading. Digitising your old photos preserves them for future generations and makes it easier for you to share them with friends and family.

Singapore Snaps is a relational art project that focuses on the public’s collective memories of Singapore.

We want to preserve your memories by providing free digitised copies of your old printed photos. Using selected photographs, we create animation works according to themes commonly found within the archive. These works will be screened as part of the events for Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence in 2015.

Join us on our journey to preserve memories through the process of digitising, and to collect stories from the photo Contributors, in turn allowing our project to uncover the thread that weaves the unseen fabric of themes that hold us together, as an individual and as a unit of society, through time.


Besides the national and participating public libraries mentioned above, the project works with partners who would like to connect with, and actively engage the public community through this project. We also encourage volunteers from educational institutions, as well as organisations that see synergy with our objectives, to join us in this relational art project that celebrates the personal histories and memories of people living in Singapore.

You can view the participating schools and groups here and supporting people here.


For the duration of May until August 2014, we set up collection booths at the respective national and public libraries to collect old printed photographs contributed by the public. Most of the time, we introduce the project to visitors, and answer all inquiries from curious passersby.

All submitted photographed are packed and delivered personally to our professional scanning studio for digitising. The process is documented in this post. Once scanning completes, the team returns the original photographs and albums to the contributor, together with a free personalised DVD containing the digitised photographs. The photo-collection has since ended on 27 July 2014.

We are currently in the process of categorising all the digital photographs, some of which will then be selected to be included in the production of the animations scheduled to be completed early 2015.


National Library

Photo-collection has ended in 2014. If you have a photo and story to share, please feel free to send them to [email protected]

14 May – 1 June
Toa Payoh Public Library, Level 2
Wednesdays – Sundays | 12pm – 7pm

21 May – 1 June, 11 – 29 June, 9 – 27 July
Central National Library
Wednesdays – Sundays | 12pm – 7pm

11 June – 29 June
Bukit Merah Public Library, Level 1.
Wednesdays – Sundays | 12pm – 7pm

9 July – 27 July
Geylang East Public Library, Level 2.
Wednesdays – Sundays | 12pm – 7pm


How many photos can I bring to be scanned?

We accept a minimum of 20 photographs per Contributor. There is a maximum limit of 500 photographs that you can bring to be scanned. However, they must meet other criteria (see below) such as content suitability and must be of reasonably good condition.

What kind of photographs can I digitise? Is there a specific theme?

Any printed photograph can be submitted to be scanned. We are looking out for photos which were taken in Singapore, especially at iconic locations. Examples include the Singapore National Theatre, Haw Par Villa, Botanic Garden etc. Familiar places such like kampungs, playgrounds, markets are great too. It does not need to be from any specific time and we welcome both colour and black & white photos.

Some of my photographs are so old that they stick to the album. Can I bring these to be scanned?

The physical condition of the photograph is important to ensure that the scan quality is high. We will not accept any photograph which is too delicate to withstand further handling and which might result in deterioration to its current condition.

Is this really for free?

Yes, the scanning service is absolutely free.

What will my photographs be used for?

The photos will be used in the creation of the animation works, as well as documentation in connection with the ‘Singapore Snaps’ project. The Artist will review all photos to determine which photos will be used in the animations. Only those photographs that are actually used in the final animation works and related documentation will be further licensed to the Singapore Memory Project.

Can I scan my own photographs and email them to you?

Yes, we accept email submissions. Email submission of self-scanned photographs should be at least 1920 (W) x 1080 (H) pixels, 300 dpi. 600 dpi is recommended. Please send your photos to [email protected]

Where will the completed animation be shown?

The completed animation works will be submitted to the Singapore Memory Project to be showcased as part of the National Day 2015 celebrations and for archival purposes. The works will also be entered to international film festivals to be considered for selection.