May: A Blessed Beginning

May: A Blessed Beginning

May marks our inaugural “coming out”. For the past 2 months, Singapore Snaps has been in stealth mode.

What began as a 3 persons team recruited our 4th permanent member in April, and it was non stop action to get the project off the grounds. Now it has officially launched into the airwaves and into the public sight!

It’s been so amazing that we have had the support and positive responses to our project thus far. Amongst some of the significant milestones are:

1) Securing 4 public library locations so that we have a real place for people, like yourself, to come by and contribute to the project.

2) Our website and Facebook (yes! click here to go see~) go live: Go forth, spread the word about us.

3) Our very first presentation at Hwa Chong Institution. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to start. The awesome students were attentive and receptive to our project and we’re excited to welcome our first batch of reliable volunteers from HCI.


Wei Keong, Founder of SG Snaps, with the first printed poster in the first school visit. Very pleased indeed! Thank you HCI!


SG Snaps was here!

May may mark the mid point of the year, but we’ve only just began! We are working toward many more milestones – Each presentation at a school, each new volunteer sign-up and each additional photo album that we are able to digitise for a community member, is reason to celebrate.

So here’s a shout out to you: If Singapore Snaps resonates with you, come forward with your photo, be our milestone.


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